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New Jersey Real Estate Photographer

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

As a local New Jersey Real Estate Photographer I get to travel around different parts of New Jersey and I get to see variety of towns and visit multiple homes in the area. Unfortunately a lot of homes I photograph are not always ready for a session, as they are in need of major decluttering and some TLC. After few years of experience in this field of photography I've come up with a list of preparation techniques, which helps my clients and I to get through photography session faster and smoother. As a result it help me with a production of beautiful images, which leaves client happy and satisfied, and leaves me with a great portfolio! I've created a check list which I distribute to my clients prior to the photo session. Today I would like to share it with you. Hope it helps you too!

Home Declutter List

  • Declutter countertops of any appliances such as toasters, coffee makers and blenders they should be placed out of view in a closet or cabinet

  • Remove any garbage or recycle cans from the kitchen

  • Clear views of deck patio through sliding doors if necessary

  • Remove any busy looking fabrics with patterns on them, such as throw blankets and hand towels

  • Clear bathroom of toiletries, scales, and garbage cans

  • Clear out bottles/soaps from inside the shower if they are visible through a glass shower door

  • Put away children’s toys

  • If boxes or other moving materials are present, please find a temporary space out of rooms that are going to be photographed

  • Please check all lights for bulbs that are out, all lights should be on at the time of the shoot

  • Any furniture that is going to be moved from the photos should be moved prior to the beginning of the shoot

  • Windows should be closed, cleaned and blinds up. The more natural light the better

  • Hide wires when possible

  • Clear desks of paperwork and miscellaneous items

  • Please place any pets in a room that will not be photographed

I find it extremely helpful to provide clients with this list ahead of time. That way nobody's time is wasted and everyone is pleased with the final work. Whether you are a photographer in New Jersey or any other state or even country I believe this check list will be relevant to you and your client. It certainly helps me in my business, and now I hope it will help you too!

Good luck shooting!



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