Who am I?

My name is Elizabeth and I’ve always been passionate about Art in all its forms and concepts. My ability to draw began since I was able to hold a pencil in my hands, my interest in photography started in my early teens and my passion for graphic design was awaken few years ago when I took my first digital design class. Since then I’ve been exploring different aspects of digital Art and learned how to combine different media to achieve the design I envision.

Photography is a big part of my life, I love coming up with ideas and bring them to life with my ability to shoot high quality photos with magic of creative touch. I’m really searching for authenticity and longevity in the photos I’m taking. I look at each image as a way of story telling! Enhancing photos and using them for my projects to create unity in my design and bring it all together in unique and cohesive layout is what I enjoy doing.

I learn and create new things every day!